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Code Compliance Division: 
450 Cypress Creek Road, Building 2
Cedar Park, TX 78613
512-401-5208  Sr. Code Compliance Officer John Fojtik
512-401-5214  Code Compliance Officer Stefanie Sadler

Click here to go to the City of Cedar Park Code of Ordinances.

The following is a list of violations frequently enforced within the city:

  • Accessory uses of property
  • Certificate of Occupancy (occupying a building without a certificate)
  • Commercial vehicles in residential zones
  • Encroaching on public property
  • Garage Sales
  • Home Occupations
  • Illegal dumping on public or private property
  • Junked/Abandoned vehicles on private property
  • Prohibited land use
  • Prohibited parking of vehicles, commercial, recreational on private property
  • Property Maintenance - tall weeds and grass, accumulation of household trash, garbage, used building materials, stagnant water, dead animals, brush piles, debris, fire hazard, and other materials which may be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.
  • Temporary and special event signage
  • Site Development
  • Zoning

Last updated: 9/30/2015 10:56:44 AM