The Code Compliance Officer's primary mission is to enforce City Codes and State Laws pertaining to commercial and residential property maintenance. This is accomplished by public education, new building plan reviews, ensuring compliance with city zoning, building, sign, fire, and other related codes.

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Code Compliance Division: 
450 Cypress Creek Road, Building 2
Cedar Park, TX 78613

The following is a list of violations frequently enforced within the city:

  • Accessory uses of property
  • Address numbers visible from public place
  • Certificate of Occupancy (occupying a building without a certificate)
  • Commercial vehicles in residential zones
  • Encroaching on public property
  • Garage Sales
  • Home Occupations
  • Illegal dumping on public or private property
  • Junked/Abandoned vehicles on private property
  • Noise Ordinance
  • Obstructions to waterways
  • Prohibited land use
  • Prohibited parking of vehicles, commercial, recreational on private property
  • Property Maintenance - tall weeds and grass, accumulation of household trash, garbage, used building materials, stagnant water, dead animals, brush piles, debris, fire hazard, and other materials which may be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.
  • Temporary and special event signage
  • Site Development
  • Zoning

The City of Cedar Park Code Compliance Department is dedicated to assisting the communities we serve to be safe, comfortable and pleasant environments in which to work and play. Our Keen on Clean Program has been developed to meet this goal. This program improves the condition of local parks and city streets.

Our support for education is designed to achieve green knowledge and ensure a quality of life for citizens today and for future generations. The City of Cedar Park has developed educational programs that are designed to be results-oriented and benefit all citizens in schools and in the communities we serve.

Our environmental concern is represented by our renewable leadership and support of programs that promote environmental health and education, such as Keen on Clean Program . You can take a proactive role and get involved in many ways:

The Keen on Clean Kids Program is an educational environmental program presented by the Cedar Park Code Enforcement Officers and partnership with the LCRA and Keep Texas Beautiful to educate children on green knowledge. The program offers elementary, middle and high school students in LISD district the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to improving K-12 science education, and provides students and teachers the opportunity to participate in environmental workshops.

The Keen on Clean Communities Program is a program developed to provide educational outreach to members in the community concerned about environmental preservation efforts. We can provide speakers to discuss to your civic groups the importance of recycling, how to organize a neighborhood clean-up event, beautification projects in improving neighborhoods, homes and surrounding areas.

Report Illegal Dumping or Litter Program allows citizens take action and turn in any people they observe dumping trash or illegal materials in the community. All you need to do is write down a few things about the incident. If you can provide the following information our Code Enforcement Officers will be able to expedite an investigation; a license plate number, make of vehicle, time of day or night, location, date, and item littered. Make a report by sending us an email.

For more information on the Keen on Clean Kids or Keen on Clean Communities Programs or if you would like to schedule a classroom or group presentation, please call the Fire Marshal’s office at (512) 401-5200 include the the following information in an email :

School, Organization or Group

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