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City launches new permit software
Residents may now manage permits online
Posted Date: 11/29/2012 8:00 AM
City of Cedar Park residents may now log onto to manage their permits online. The City’s Development Services Department launched Phase 1 of the MyPermitNow software on Monday, October 22, 2012. Residents may also receive inspection results via automated telephone calls and e-mail with the new software. In addition, residents are able to:

• Follow the plan review progress online and view plan review comments after review.
• Upload responses, documents and revised plans in PDF format.
• View the full inspection sequence of their project and request inspections online.
• Track all of their projects online in one convenient portal.
• Have the option to receive an automated telephone call or e-mail upon completion of the inspection report.

City Inspectors will complete inspections via field tablet devices in an effort to deliver inspection results in near real-time. You may also view the result of an inspection via the MyPermitNow customer portal.

Please note that only NEW permits starting Oct. 22nd that are issued through the MyPermitNow software are subject to these new features and accessible through the MyPermitNow customer portal. All existing permits will continue to follow the same IVR inspection scheduling practices until the project is complete.

To download the MyPermitNow Customer Portal Handout and create a free customer portal account, click here. For additional assistance with using the customer portal, please call the MyPermitNow technical support line at 1-866-957-3764, option 1.

The City plans to launch Phase 2 of the MyPermitNow software in January. It will provide Cedar Park residents with the ability to apply online and pay online for permits.