In order to assist you, we have created this outline of utility billing procedures and policies. We hope this will provide any information you need. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call the Utility Billing Office at (512) 401-5300 or send email to


There are several options for paying your bill.

  1. At our Office Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. We are located at 450 Cypress Creek Rd, Bldg #2. We accept cash, checks, and money orders, Visa or Mastercard.
  2. At our Night Drop Box in our parking lot, across from Building 4, and those will be posted the next business morning.
  3. By Mail and it will be credited on the day that we receive it.
  4. By Phone at 512-401-5300 with either a Visa or MasterCard. A $2.00 credit card processing fee will be charged for all payments of $25.00 or more.
  5. Thru our Website ( with either a Visa or MasterCard. There is no processing fee and it is credited immediately to your account.
  6. Direct draft from a checking or savings account or Visa or Mastercard for no processing fee. Please use the following link to connect you to the documents page. Then click on Automatic Debit Authorization form. Once completed, please send to the address at the top of the form. (Click here for documents)
  7. You can also pay thru your Bank’s Bill pay.
Cycles The City of Cedar Park service area is divided into 4 billing cycles, based on geographic location. Because your cycle is determined by where you live, you cannot change cycles. Bills are mailed once per month according to this schedule:
  • Cycle 1 billing mailed on the 17th. Due by the 2nd.
  • Cycle 2 billing mailed on the 24th. Due by the 9th.
  • Cycle 3 billing mailed on the 1st. Due by the 16th.
  • Cycle 4 billing mailed on the 8th. Due by the 23rd.
All bills are due on or before 5 pm on the due date. Payments made after the due date are late and are subject to a 10% penalty.

Late (termination) notices will be mailed the day after the due date to all accounts having a balance as of 5 pm.This notice will give you a final due date by which to pay the overdue balance.

If payment is not received on or before this disconnect date, service will be suspended. If this occurs, a $50 reconnect fee must be paid before the service may be restored.

NOTE: Never turn on your water service after the City has disconnected it. A $50 fee can be assessed for tampering with a meter. This is a FELONY in the State of Texas

Refund Policy
Effective August 15, 1991, in accordance with Ordinance 91-008, "Upon termination of water service (and wastewater service if such service is provided by the City), such portion of the deposit as is not required to pay for damages to the water meter, accrued service charges, penalties, library fines, city property taxes, and court imposed fines for which a final judgment has been issued, shall be refunded to the customer. Normal wear and tear in the ordinary course shall not be construed to be damage to the water meter under this subsection."

After one full year of service, you may request that half of your deposit be refunded to you if have not made a late payment more than twice and if you have not been disconnected for non-payment. The request must be in writing and, if approved, the refund will be applied to your bill. The other half is refunded when service is terminated.

Changes to Accounts

All changes to customer accounts must be made in writing to the utility department. Any requests for voluntary disconnection of service must also provide a forwarding address.

Detecting a water leak [PDF]

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