LeAnn QuinnLeAnn M. Quinn, TRMC
City Secretary

Phone: 512-401-5002
Fax: 512-401-5003
450 Cypress Creek Road, Building One
Cedar Park, TX 78613


The City Secretary provides staff support to the City Council and manages and preserves the official records of the City of Cedar Park. The city secretary also provides information to the public and assists the public in locating government information maintained by the city as required by law and the City.

Duties and Responsibilities
The city secretary shall:

  • Attend all meetings of the city council and keep accurate records of all actions taken by the city council;
  • Oversee a records management program for the city that provides for the identification, maintenance, retention, security, electronic storage, microfilming, disposition, and preservation of city records and appoint a city records management officer to administer the program;
  • Operate the city's archives and records storage facility for the storage of inactive city records until such time as those records may be disposed of and identify, preserve, and serve as custodian of the city's historical records;
  • Inspect or direct the city records management officer to inspect the city records and report to the city council and the city manager any irregularities or failures of the city to create, identify, or maintain records in accordance with requirements assigned by law;
  • Administer oaths;
  • Attest contracts, assessment certificates, and other legal instruments when executed by the authorized officers of the city;
  • Serve as the election official for all city elections; and
  • Perform such other duties as may be required of the city secretary by this Charter, the city council, or state law.
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