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City of Cedar Park awarded Scenic City Gold Certification
City recognized for high quality scenic standards for roadways and public spaces
Posted Date: 3/27/2013 9:00 AM
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The City of Cedar Park has been awarded the Scenic City Gold Certification by a group that recognizes cities for high design standards as they correlate to economic development. The Scenic City Certification Program is a project of Scenic Texas. Scenic Texas has identified a direct correlation between the success of a city’s economic development efforts and the visual appearance of its public spaces. In recognition of this link, the group developed the Scenic City Certification Program.

In order to apply, the City of Cedar Park had to first show that it has a strictly regulated and enforced sign code, ban on new billboards, and landscaping and tree planting program. The City earned additional points with its 860 acres of park space, Parks and Trails Master Plan, strong litter enforcement laws, street lighting standards, parking lot landscaping, utility line management, and a budget that supports maintenance and operation of these programs---just to name a few criteria. There are four levels of certification: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Recognized. The City of Cedar Park earned the Gold recognition by showing it has existing municipal ordinances, rules, regulations, and programs which evidence our awareness and commitment to quality-of-life development.

The Scenic City designation is a very prestigious one; of the 40 cities in Texas that expressed interest this year, only ten applied and nine were recognized. Cedar Park is the only Central Texas city to have received the Gold certification as a Scenic City this year.