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At, service is just a click away! The City of Cedar Park is always here to help you and listening to your suggestions. Please take a moment to complete the City of Cedar Park Report a Problem Form to help us identify a problem in your area – so that we can fix it fast. Or, use this form to give us your feedback about this website or your customer service experience. With your input, we can make our City work even better.

Please complete the form below. Fill in your name, address, and daytime phone number so that we may keep you informed. Mark the box which best describes the problem or your experience. If applicable, give us a brief description of the situation and where it is located. If the problem you are reporting requires immediate attention during normal business hours Monday through Friday, please call us at 512-401-5000 and press “0” to reach the operator. If the problem you are reporting requires immediate attention after hours, on the weekend or during a holiday, please call 512-260-4600. For a police, fire, or medical emergency, always dial 911. Thank you for contacting the City of Cedar Park!
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